Exploratory Areas allow students to explore majors and career options within an interest area. Use the information and resources here to make connections between academic majors and post-graduation plans and career goals. 


Do you feel accomplished when you’re able to teach someone a new skill? Do you enjoy helping others and giving advice?


All of the majors listed in this Exploratory Area can lead students to careers in “helping fields”. That could be through education, social services, government, etc. Check out the majors on the list below and click on any of the majors and see the entire list of course requirements for that major. Do a majority of the classes sound interesting to you? Then it may be worth exploring!


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Exploratory Classes

PH 101: Intro to Public Health

This course introduces undergraduate students to the interdisciplinary and exciting field of public health. Discussing and studying the processes and…

PSYC 111: Introduction to Psychology

Survey of the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

HDFS 230: Life Span Development

Study of human growth and development throughout the life span.

ANTH 111: Introduction to Anthropology

Introductory overview to anthropology, the holistic study of humans and the diversity of the human experience over space and time.…

CJ 201: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Examination of the criminal justice system and process. Includes crime, lawmaking, criminality, prosecution, police, courts, and corrections.

CJ 210: Introduction to Policing

This course provides an overview of the purpose and function of the police in the United States.    

HIST 251: Introduction to Public History

Introduction to history career paths outside of the classroom including museums, historical societies, historic preservation, and historic sites.

HIST 252: Introduction to Museum Work

Introduction to the variety of careers available and procedures used in museums and historical societies: curatorial, administrative, conservation, research, and…

HNES 110: Introduction to Health and Physical Education

This course will acquaint students with historical insights and current trends in the fields of health and physical education. Students…

POLS 110: Introduction to Political Science

Problems of political science as a discipline, political systems, and political behavior. Includes causes and consequences of individual and group…

SOC 110: Introduction to Sociology

Introductory analysis of the nature of society, the interrelationship of its component groups, and the process whereby society persists and…

EMGT 101: Emergencies, Disasters & Catastrophes

An overview of emergencies, disasters, and catastrophes from a social, political, historical, policy, environmental, international and cross-cultural perspective. Focuses on…


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