Faculty Resources for Internships

The resources below are intended for faculty who advise interns. Please utilize these resources to design meaningful reflective assignments for your interns as they are engaged in the world of work.

Internship Learning Agreement Template 

  • Download here >>   ?Word Doc.   ?PDF
  • Use this to help interns in their goal development process for their internship/co-op. 

Reflective Questions and Prompts 

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  • Questions and prompts for before, during, and after experiential learning experiences. Use these questions and prompts to help students reflect on their learning and growth. 

Reflective Assignment Ideas 

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  • Assignments to be used to help students reflect on their learning experiences, and often used as assessment tools for completion of an experiential learning experience.


Essay/Prompt Ideas: 

    • Write an essay on the impact coronavirus had on their experience and the impact they foresee the pandemic to have on the industry.
    • Articulate how their industry (or company specifically) could lend aid during this world crisis? How would that company/industry go about initiating that help? What resources would they need and what ramifications or benefits would these actions have on the company/industry?
    • Respond to the new reality many people are facing in working remotely. What impact does this have on the company/industry you work for? What has been your personal experience with this new work arrangement? What are the benefits and challenges?

Virtual Assignments: 

    • Have your student set up a virtual meeting for the two of you to discuss their experience. It is the student’s responsibility to choose a technology platform to use and ensure both parties are able to access and participate in the virtual meeting. (*This is a great way to allow students to utilize new technology and show off their professionalism and organization skills.)
For more resources, email Alli Goossens at allison.goossens@ndsu.edu