#NDSUintern Spotlight

Shreya #NDSUintern Spotlight

Intern: Shreya Mukhopadyay

Major: Biochemistry

Company: Genentech

Location of Internship: San Francisco, CA

Internship Title: Protein Chemistry Intern


Why did you choose the company that you work for?
Genentech is one of the largest bio-pharmaceutical companies in the US. …

By Allison Goossens
Allison Goossens Assistant Director, Internship Program Allison Goossens
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5 Lessons I Needed to Learn About Job Searching as a Disabled Person


Once upon a time, I was a newly crowned master of journalism who used to roll out of bed mid-afternoon, brush my hair, and eat something before I settled in for my “day.” By “day” I mean I’d check in …

By The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions
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Building a Career in Application Development!


IT consulting company, IMCS Group, is offering a free webinar this Sunday discussing insight into building a career in application development.

Date: Sunday, July 14th
Time: 12 pm
Tune into the webinar here!

Why Should I Attend?
In this webinar, …

By Olivia Scott
Olivia Scott Senior Career Coach Olivia Scott
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