Who is my advisor?

The advisors below can provide information if you are thinking about changing to a different major or college. For advising in your major area, you should contact your assigned advisor as listed on your Student Center page in Campus Connection.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with these advisors, use the link next to their name to log into your Bison Advise with your NDSU login information account to schedule. If no appointment times appear immediately, click other dates to find available time to meet. Advisors schedules may fill quickly during busy registration times.

Please contact the Career and Advising Center at 701-231-7111 or IT Help Desk at 701-231-8685 if you’re having login trouble.

Find your advisor by a list of all majors listed alphabetically here.

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Joel Hanson, Lead Academic Advisor, Engineering Administration 108, 701-231-9676, joel.hanson@ndsu.edu

  • Agricultural Biosystems Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Manufacturing Engineering

Jennifer Carney, Academic Advisor, Barry Hall 550, 701-231-7442, jennifer.carney@ndsu.edu

  • Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Economics

Rob Glarum, Academic Advisor, Morrill 316, 701-231-6117, r.glarum@ndsu.edu

  • Agricultural Education, Agriculture, Animal Science, Biotechnology, Crop and Weed Science, Equine Science, Family and Consumer Science Education, Food Safety and Food Science, General Agriculture, Horticulture, Microbiology, Natural Resource Management, Precision Agriculture, Soil Science, Veterinary Technology

College of Arts and Sciences

Jessica Bauer, Assistant Director, Student Success Initiatives Advisor, Ceres Hall 306, 701-231-6313, jessica.m.bauer@ndsu.edu

  • Health Education, Physical Education, and University Studies

Andrea Hein, Assistant Director, Academic Advising, Ceres Hall 306, 701-231-8662 andrea.hein@ndsu.edu

  • Behavioral Statistics, Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Statistics

Linda Fricker, Academic Advisor, Minard 204B, 701-231-9763, linda.fricker@ndsu.edu

  • Anthropology, Business Education, Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, English and English Education, Philosophy/Ethics, Political Science, Sociology

Jill Lodde-Greives, Academic Advisor/Lecturer, Stevens Hall 218B, 701-231-5093, jill.loddegreives@ndsu.edu

  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Biological Science Education, Chemistry and Chemistry Education, Comprehensive Science Education, Earth Science Education, and Pre-Med and Pre-Professional

Kelsey Seeba, Academic Advisor, Minard 202A, 701-231-5911, kelsey.seeba@ndsu.edu

  • Agricultural Communication, Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design, Art and Art Education, History and History Education, Interior Design, Journalism, Management Communication, Music and Music Education, Public History, Social Science Education, Spanish and Spanish Education, Strategic Communication, Women and Gender Studies

Patti Seidler, Academic Advisor, Minard 232C26, 701-231-6041, patti.seidler@ndsu.edu

  • Psychology, Theatre

Polly Olson, Academic Advisor/Lecturer, Stevens Hall 218A, 701-231-9789, polly.olson@ndsu.edu

  • Biological Sciences, Physics and Physics Education

Deb Moen, Academic Advisor, Renaissance Hall 434A, 701-231-5912 debra.moen@ndsu.edu

  • Architecture, Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture

College of Business

Janet Sundquist, Lead Academic Advisor, Barry Hall 102C, 701-231-5497, janet.sundquist@ndsu.edu

  • Last Names U-Z

Zane Voglewede, Academic Advisor, Barry Hall 102H, 701-231-6015, zane.a.voglewede@ndsu.edu

  • Last Names A-E

Marah Moy, Academic Advisor, Barry Hall 102J, 701-231-1808, marah.moy@ndsu.edu

  • Last Names F-J

Brad Jones, Academic Advisor, Barry Hall 102K, 701-231-5360, bradley.jones@ndsu.edu

  • Last Names K-M

Jennifer Carney, Academic Advisor, Barry Hall 550, 701-231-7442, jennifer.carney@ndsu.edu

  • Last Names N-Q

Tricia Tauer, Academic Advisor, Barry Hall 102B, 701-231-5322, tricia.tauer@ndsu.edu

  • Last Names R-T

College of Engineering

Joel Hanson, Lead Academic Advisor, Engineering Administration 108, 701-231-9676, joel.hanson@ndsu.edu

  • Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering, Engineering-Undecided, Industrial Engineering and Management, Manufacturing Engineering

Carmen Biddle, Academic Advisor, Dolve 111B, 701-231-7525, carmen.biddle@ndsu.edu

  • Mechanical Engineering

David Shaw, Academic Advisor, 701-231-6183, Civil and Industrial Engineering 202D, david.shaw@ndsu.edu

  • Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Construction Management, Environmental Engineering

Grant Klevgaard, Academic Advisor, 701-231-8614, ECE 101T, grant.klevgaard@ndsu.edu

  • Cybersecurity, Software Engineering

Jill Stromsborg, Academic Advisor, ECE 101V, 701-231-5799, jill.stromsborg@ndsu.edu

  • Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering

College of Health and Human Sciences

Hope Ray, Lead Academic Advisor, EML 270A/Sudro 131K, 701-231-6060, hope.ray@ndsu.edu

  • Health Services
  • Pre-Licensure BSN Last names A-E

Amolia Schumacher, Academic Advisor, E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall 270B, 701-231-9849, amolia.schumacher@ndsu.edu

  • Elementary Education w/HDFS; Social Work w/HDFS, Human Development and Family Science (HDFS)

Angie Walswick, Academic Advisor/Lecturer, Sudro 131N, 701-231-6656, angeline.walswick@ndsu.edu

  • Medical Laboratory Science, Radiologic Sciences, Respiratory Care

Jae Pedersen, Academic Advisor, Sudro 131J, 701-231-7789, jae.pedersen@ndsu.edu

  • Pre – Pharmacy
  • Pre-Licensure BSN Last names F-J

Kelly Monroe, Academic Advisor, Sudro 131H, 701-231-6115, kelly.m.monroe@ndsu.edu

  • Pre-Licensure BSN Last names K-Z

Robert Dirk, Academic Advisor, E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall 270C, 701-231-9848, robert.a.dirk@ndsu.edu

  • Exercise Science, Nutrition Science, Sport Management

Karla Haug, Director of LPN-BSN Program, 701-231-5128, Aldevron Tower 540S karla.haug@ndsu.edu

  • LPN to BSN Program

Holly Sandhurst, Director of RN-BSN Program, 701-231-7886, Aldevron Tower 540P holly.l.sandhurst@ndsu.edu

  • AD-RN to BSN Program

Undeclared/Exploratory Students

Alex Lau, Academic Advisor, Ceres Hall 306, 701-231-5903 alex.lau@ndsu.edu

  • Undeclared/Undecided

Jessica Bauer, Assistant Director, Student Success Initiatives Advisor, Ceres Hall 306, 701-231-6313, jessica.m.bauer@ndsu.edu

  • Bachelor of University Studies, Degree Completion Program