Who is my advisor?

The contacts below can provide information if you are thinking about changing to a different major or college. For advising in your major area, you should contact your assigned advisor as listed on your Student Center page in Campus Connection. If you have questions about who to contact, you may visit, call, or email the Career and Advising Center for more information. If you are not sure which college your major or minor is in, find out here. View a campus map here.   If you would like to schedule an appointment with these advisors, most use Navigate to schedule! Please use the link by each advisor’s name to link directly to their calendar and schedule your advising appointment. You’ll use your NDSU log in information. Select your appointment reason and find available times. If no appointment times appear immediately, remember to click to the next day or possibly the next week to find available time to meet, especially during busy registration time. Please contact the Career and Advising Center at 701-231-7111 or IT Help Desk at 701-231-8685 if you’re having log in trouble. Are you a new transfer student? Find your advising contact here: Transfer Student Advising Contact

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Contacts for all College of Ag Advising Contacts: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/academics/advising

David Buchanan, Associate Dean for Academic Programs 315A Morrill, 701-231-7426 david.s.buchanan@ndsu.edu www.ag.ndsu.edu/academics/advising

Jennifer Carney, Student Services Director Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Economics Barry Hall, 701-231-7442 jennifer.carney@ndsu.edu Schedule with Jennifer: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/G-39TEi3kd

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Linda Fricker, College of AHSS Director of Advising and Student Support Minard 204B, 701-231-9763 linda.fricker@ndsu.edu Schedule with Linda: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/VRRU40P4TL

Mary Pull, Associate Director, Center for Writers English Education Advisor Library 16G 701-231-7928 mary.pull@ndsu.edu Schedule with Mary: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/z_wQhFwKS6 For Architecture and Landscape Architecture:

Stacy Jordet, Architecture Academic Advisor 104 Renaissance Hall, 701-231-8614 stacy.jordet@ndsu.edu Schedule with Stacy: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/vbge1sWpun

College of Business

Janet Sundquist, Senior Academic Advisor 102C Barry Hall, 701-231-5497 janet.sundquist@ndsu.edu (Advises last name A-C) Schedule with Janet: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/iIqdWR_dUS

Taylor Pfarr, Academic Advisor 102J Barry Hall, 701-231-1808 taylor.pfarr@ndsu.edu  (Advises last name D-J) Schedule with Taylor: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/v3_ED3O58P

Bradley Jones, Academic Advisor 102K Barry Hall, 701-231-5360 bradley.jones@ndsu.edu (Advises last name K-Q) Schedule with Bradley: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/Dfvd1XSl6k

Tricia Tauer, Academic Advisor 102B Barry Hall, 701-231-5322 tricia.tauer@ndsu.edu (Advises last name R-Z) Schedule with Tricia: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/uAJ0x3Uc6L

College of Engineering

For Engineering majors: Joel Hanson, Student Support Center Director 108 Engineering Administration, 701-231-9676 joel.hanson@ndsu.edu Schedule with Joel: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/Mb0VfRItcu

For Computer Science: Andrea Hein, Assistant Director, Advising, 701-231-8662 andrea.hein@ndsu.edu Schedule with Andrea: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/uBVGba7Zc7

College of Health Professions

For Pharmacy: Kelly Haugen, Academic Advisor/Lecturer 131J Sudro, 701-231-7789 kelly.haugen@ndsu.edu

For Nursing: Pre-nursing: Amanda Groom, Academic Advisor/Lecturer  Aldevron Tower Room 148E, 701-231-8110 amanda.groom.1@ndsu.edu Schedule with Amanda: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/e8RiWZ2p76

LPN to BSN Program: Karla Haug, Director of LPN-BSN Program, karla.haug@ndsu.edu or 701.231.5128

AD-RN to BSN Program: Holly Sandhurst, Director of RN-BSN Program, holly.l.sandhurst@ndsu.edu or 701.231.7886

For Respiratory Care, Radiologic Sciences or Medical Lab Science: Angie Walswick, Academic Advisor/Lecturer 131 Sudro, 701-231-6656 angeline.walswick@ndsu.edu Schedule with Angie: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/FAijcb37e2

College of Human Sciences and Education

Schedule an appointment with an HS&E advisor: www.ndsu.edu/hde/academic_advising_center

For Human Development and Family Science (HDFS); Elementary Education w/HDFS; Social Work w/HDFS; Family and Consumer Science Education: Jeanie Winkelmann, Academic Advisor 270 E. Morrow Lebedeff (EML) Hall, 701-231-9849 jeanie.winkelmann@ndsu.edu Schedule with Jeanie: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/Ncq1VfyhZr

For Dietetics; Exercise Science; Physical Education; Health Education; or Sport Management: Robert Dirk, Academic Advisor 270C E. Morrow Lebedeff (EML) Hall, 701-231-9848 robert.a.dirk@ndsu.edu Schedule with Robert: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/DMDwEC8fnn

College of Science and Mathematics

For Psychology majors: Cassie Gilbert 701-231-9728 cassandra.gilbert@ndsu.edu Schedule with Cassie: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/fILtTrfOKE

For Biological Sciences, Pre-Health Majors (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, etc.) www.ndsu.edu/prehealth_programs

Jill Lodde-Greives, Advisor/Lecturer Stevens Hall 218, 701-231-5093 jill.loddegreives@ndsu.edu Schedule with Jill: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/VyLeNuhyP_ For Biological Sciences

Polly Olson, Advisor/Lecturer Stevens Hall 218, 701-231-9789 polly.olson@ndsu.edu Schedule with Polly: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/SuL84SwHis

For other majors in the College of Science and Mathematics, please contact the department administrative assistant or department chair for further assistance. Chemistry and Biochemistry Coatings and Polymeric Materials Geosciences Mathematics Physics Statistics

Undeclared/Exploratory Students
Alex Lau, Academic and Career Advisor, Ceres Hall 306, 701-231-5903 alex.lau@ndsu.edu Schedule with Alex: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/ju0NRyB9d7

Bachelor of University Studies Degree/Degree Completion
Jessica Bauer
, assistant director, Career and Advising Center, Ceres Hall 306, 701-231-6313
jessica.m.bauer@ndsu.edu Schedule with Jessie: https://ndsu.campus.eab.com/pal/VvUQv_5Un5