Here are some helpful tips and resources to successfully navigate your academic experience at NDSU. It is important to understand and utilize the resources available to you. Your advisor is here to help you decide which may be the best resources to use.

Meeting with an Advisor

Tools for Planning Your Degree

  • Academic Requirements Report – this report will help you understand which degree requirements you have completed and which you still have left
  • Curriculum Guides – this is a guide to all of the requirements for each major that NDSU offers
  • Degree Map – here is a tool you can use to plan out your future semesters
  • Major Maps – by looking at the major map for your major, you will find out ways to get the most out of your degree each year

Registration Information

Campus Resources

Take personal responsibility for academic decisions. Understand and communicate curriculum and graduation requirements.
Become knowledgeable about NDSU programs, policies and procedures. Assist students in finding and understanding university requirements, policies and procedures.
Keep a personal record of academic progress. Monitor student’s academic progress.
Schedule and keep regular appointments with advisor. Meet at least once each semester. Be available and accessible as possible for student appointments.
Prepare for advising appointments.* Prepare for advising appointments. Maintain student records as needed.
Openly and honestly discuss concerns at each advising meeting. Listen carefully to questions and concerns. Maintain confidentiality.
Follow through on suggested actions, resources and referrals. Match student’s needs with available resources and make referrals.
Read your emails and check Blackboard regularly. Will respond to student questions in a timely manner.