Questions for your advisor

Current students will most likely meet with your Academic Advisor at least once per semester, but often more. There are several reasons students may find their advisor as a good resource, for course registration suggestions, if they want to change a major or want to explore a new one, if they are struggling in a class, or need a referral to a resource. It can be overwhelming to know what to ask. Here are some good questions to consider:

  • How flexible is this major?
  • What classes are required for this major ?
  • Can I change my major? How?
  • Can I withdraw from a class? How will it affect me?
  • How many classes should I take every semester?
  • How many free electives can I take? Do you have any suggestions?
  • What kind of careers can I pursue with a degree in this major?
  • Am I on-track to graduate?
  • Do you think I need to get a higher degree? What should I do to prepare for graduate study?
  • Should I pursue a minor area of study? What minor would be most beneficial for my career path?
  • Is an internship required for this major? Would one be beneficial to me?
  • Would I be able to do a study abroad experience with this major?
  • What other campus resources do you suggest I utilize?
  • Where can I get tutoring?
  • Do you suggest taking online courses? Why or why not?
  • Should I take summer classes?
  • Do you have any advice or tips for me?