Business Studies

The Business Studies Exploratory Area is for students who have an interest in working in a wide variety of settings such as corporate office or a non-profit organization

Exploratory Area: BUSINESS STUDIES

Exploratory Areas allow students to explore majors and career options within an interest area. Use the information and resources here to make connections between academic majors and post-graduation plans and career goals. 


Do you like communicating or leading others to complete projects? Do you like analyzing, marketing and persuading?

Use this community to learn more about this Exploratory Area.


All of the majors listed in this Exploratory Area are either within the College of Business or require a business minor within their degree program. Check out the majors on the list below and click on any of the majors and see the entire list of course requirements for that major. Do a majority of the classes sound interesting to you? Then it may be worth exploring!


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Exploratory Classes

ADHM 140: Introduction to Hospitality Industry

Overview of the hospitality industry; its history, components, career opportunities, development, and future trends with application to food service, lodging,…

AGEC 242: Intro to Agricultural Management

Economic and managerial concepts related to farm or agribusiness production process, development of cost data, enterprise analysis, organization and management…

HNES 190: Intro to Sport Management (For majors only)

This course is designed to introduce students to various concepts that make up the foundation and underlying principles of sport…

ADHM 141: Tourism & Travel Management

Application of management principles and theories to tourism with emphasis on tourism components, recreational activities, international travel, and social, economic,…

ADHM 160: Interior Design Careers

Survey of the interior design profession and the relationship to allied professionals and organizations. Prereq: Interior Design or Apparel, Retail…

ADHM 171: Fashion Dynamics

Introductory course tracing the development of fashion and its industry that includes consumer demand and fashion change, the development, production,…

COMM 112: Understanding Media & Social Change

Exploration of the purpose, function, and impact of media on society.

COMM 114: Human Communication

Overview of communication theory with emphasis on information transmission and social influence functions of communication behavior in personal and mediated…

ECON 201: Principles of Microeconomics

Nature, method, and scope of economic analysis; economic scarcity, resources, specialization of labor; supply-demand analysis; production and cost analysis; product…

ECON 202: Principles of Macroeconomics

Aggregate income and employment analysis; business cycles, unemployment, inflation and economic growth; fiscal policy; money and monetary policy; the U.S.…


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