Employer Internship Program Information

Thank you for your interest in participating in NDSU’s Internship Program!

Internship criteria:

  1. Intern is supervised by an assigned supervisor who will complete a brief end-of-term evaluation of intern
  2. Internship tasks are professional and relevant to intern’s area of study or targeted career
  3. Intern is covered under employer’s worker’s compensation insurance
  4. Internships can be paid (a ND minimum wage [currently $7.25] or higher) OR unpaid (as long as the internship abides by the FLSA’s “Primary Beneficiary” test for unpaid internships)

Position description checklist:

  1. Position title, department name, and organization name?
  2. Position’s learning objectives and goals?
  3. Comprehensive list of duties to be performed (8-20 bullets)?
  4. What skills or knowledge is transferable to other employment settings?
  5. What position will be supervising the intern/employee, and what are his/her professional qualifications?
  6. What mechanisms will be used by the supervisor for providing frequent feedback to the intern/employee?
  7. What resources, equipment, and facilities will be provided by the employer to support the intern/employee in achieving the learning objectives and goals?
  8. Minimum qualifications?
  9. Preferred qualifications?
  10. Start date?
  11. End date?
  12. Time requirement in terms of hours per week?
  13. Salary amount?
  14. Covered on employer’s worker’s compensation insurance?

How to post internship positions:

Steps to Create and Access your Employer Account:

  1. Go to our CAREERLINK login page
  2. Click the green “Employer Sign Up” button (*all users must “sign up” the first time they use the system)
  3. Fill in your contact information
  4. Select a password and click “Create Account”
  5. From there, you will arrive at the Welcome Page where you can begin posting internship positions.

Employer Information

For technical questions about NDSU’s Internship Program, contact our Internship Program Specialist at 701.231.7856

For general questions about how to host an intern if new to NDSU’s Internship Program, contact our Assistant Director of the Internship Program at 701.231.7112