Bison Advise – for Faculty and Staff

About Bison Advise

NDSU’s growth and change during the past decade require innovative solutions for continued student success. NDSU’s partnership with Bison Advise (formerly Navigate) will support and enhance existing efforts to improve retention, graduation rates and student achievement.

Bison Advise will assist with identifying students in need of intervention and creating targeted campaigns to connect these students with resources that will keep them moving towards graduation. Students will be able to use the platform to schedule appointments with their advisors or seek out other student service professionals. Advisors can use the platform to document and share information from interactions with students to promote seamless service.


Basic Use of Bison Advise for Undergraduate Advising:


Access to Bison Advise:

Faculty and staff who advise undergraduate students and need access to Bison Advise should fill out this form.