There are many reasons why a student might find themselves on academic alert or academic suspension. Whether it be for personal or academically related struggles, advisors are here to help students understand the implications of their academic standing and support them to get back into good academic standing so that they may successfully finish their degree at NDSU.

Academic Standing Definitions

It is important to understand the Academic Standing Policies at NDSU. Below you will find definitions of probation and suspension. See the full academic standing policy here.

Academic Alert

An academic alert is issued when a student who entered the grading period in good standing earns an institutional cumulative GPA below the minimum 2.00 for good standing. An academic alert does not appear on the student’s official academic transcript, but does appear on the unofficial transcript. Students are notified of their academic alert status via official NDSU email.

Academic Suspension

Academic suspension is issued when a student enters the term on either alert or continued alert and earns both a term GPA and institutional cumulative GPA below the minimum 2.00 for good standing. This includes students admitted on academic alert for their first semester at NDSU or readmitted on alert following an academic suspension.  A student may not be considered for readmission for two grading periods following an academic suspension (includes summer). An academic suspension appears on the student’s official academic transcript.  A suspension hold is placed on the student’s record by the Office of Registration and Record which prevents all future registration.  If a student has pre-registered for classes in a future semester, these courses will be administratively removed by the Office of Registration and Records.  Students who are suspended are notified of their suspension status via official NDSU email.

Students on Academic Alert

In order to get back into Good Academic Standing, students must work to get their cumulative GPA above the minimum 2.00 GPA. There are many resources students can utilize in order to help them achieve this goal. Below are some tips to get back into Good Academic Standing.

  • Meet with your academic advisor. It is important to discuss any potential problems that may hinder your academic success. You advisor is a good point of contact to help refer you to helpful resources and/or help you with strategies on how to be successful in your upcoming semester.
  • Determine why you are struggling. Ask yourself what hasn’t been working? Are you not enjoying your classes? Do you need to think about a new major? Are there too many distractions? Are you dealing with personal struggles? Be realistic in thinking about your situation and make a commitment to start making a change.
  • Meet with your professors. If you are struggling in a particular class, meet with your professor or TA during their office hours. They can help give you ideas on specific study strategies, answer specific questions and help support you in the class.
  • Use academic resources. There are many places on campus to help. Here are some to consider

Students on Academic Suspension

Students who have been academically suspended from NDSU will need to sit out for two grading periods (including summer). There is more detailed information regarding Academic Suspension here. There are factors to consider while serving suspension. Below are some things to consider.

  • Meet with your academic advisor. You can still meet with your academic advisor while on suspension. Make a plan for how you will use that time to reflect and make the necessary changes to be a successful student, should you choose to return to NDSU.
  • Consider why you were suspended. Again, it is important to reflect what impacted your suspension, whether it be academic or personal. Set goals and reach out for help so that you can make positive changes.
  • Attend classes at another institution. Many students may use this time to take a few courses at a community college. You can plan this out with your academic advisor. If you do choose to take courses at another institution make sure that you do not repeat any courses you have already taken at NDSU and that you maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA at the transfer institution. Sometimes doing this can help you gain the confidence you need to succeed in your academics and help you practice good study habits.
  • If and when you decide you are ready to return to NDSU you can fill out this Petition for Readmission form. Make sure to be thoughtful in how you answer the questions and to complete it in a professional manner. The committee who reviews these petitions will take your answers into consideration.

Returning from Academic Suspension

When students return from Academic Suspension one of the first steps is to meet with an academic advisor in their intended major. A “Readmission Suspension” hold is placed on the student’s account. This is to ensure that students are taking the necessary steps to discuss their return to NDSU and make a solid plan for their success in future classes. Once the student has met with their advisor, they can contact the Career and Advising Center and an advisor from our office will remove the hold so the student can register.