Student Success Summit

2021 Student Success Summit Schedule and Session Descriptions:

Welcome Presentation
8:30-8:50 AM
Casey Peterson, Dean of Students


Breakout Session I

“Coffee & Conversations: Grit & Gratitude Book Talk”
Becky Bahe, Career and Advising Center
Alyssa Teubner, New Student Programs
Carin Engler, Residence Life
Maggie Latterell, Performing Arts
-Join us for Book Club, where we read the books for you! Grab a cup of coffee and participate in conversation that will inspire you to incorporate grit and gratitude into daily work practices. Four NDSU staff members from different offices across campus each read a book that pertains to grit or gratitude. We’ll share book summaries, provide major takeaways, and tell you how the book shaped or inspired our work. You will then have a chance in break out rooms to talk about how the themes could apply within the context of your work. We know that during these unprecedented times it is important for us to have a chance to genuinely connect with our colleagues. We look forward to seeing you!

Recording Part I
Recording Part II

“Peer Mentoring in a Nursing Skills Lab”
Kolby Schaeffer Fraase, DNP, School of Nursing
Kathleen Swanson, DNP, School of Nursing
We will include a background on the Skills Lab Mentoring program, discuss the transition to a virtual learning environment with a mentoring program, and provide ideas for incorporation to other majors.


Breakout Session II

 “Supporting Students in an Age of Anxiety” 
Al Bernardo, NDSU Libraries
Evidence of an increase in student anxiety is plentiful, with reports suggesting that over 10% of students experience severe anxiety, rates that are alarmingly higher than previous generations. The effects of anxiety on cognition, learning, and comprehension, can be significant, yet it is not often discussed in these terms. This presentation will provide an overview of the current state of student anxiety, explore the potential effects of anxiety on student success, and share recommendations for ways that we can better support these students, ensuring that success is attainable for all.


“The Undergraduate Admission Experience” 
Seinquis Leinen, Office of Admission
Adam Lundquist, Office of Admission
Carolina Pettus, Office of Admission
Anne Johnson, Office of Admission
The Office of Admission would like to highlight how we support incoming first-year and transfer students from the time they express interest in us to the time they enroll in their first semester at NDSU. This presentation will provide information on the admission experience including but not limited to: why students choose NDSU, how we’ve simplified the application process, scholarship offerings, campus visit options, and how we’ve adjusted during the pandemic.

Presentation Slides

Breakout Session III

“Cultivating Classroom Connection”
Dr. Jodi Tangen, PhD, School of Education
The purpose of this presentation is to describe strategies that educators can use to cultivate connection in their classrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to widespread mental health concerns amongst college-age students, and educators are encouraged to adopt a trauma-informed pedagogical approach in their classrooms. One critical aspect of trauma-informed pedagogy is fostering peer support and collaboration amongst the students (CDC, 2020). Throughout this presentation, the author will briefly outline the six tenets of trauma-informed pedagogy, and then delineate a number of ways that educators can foster connection with and amongst the students. Modeling, experiential learning, and discussion will be utilized to fully engage participants.


“Entrepreneurship for All”
Kodee Furst, The Nice Center
Scott Meyer, The Nice Center
Now, more than ever, we need to inspire innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship across North Dakota. Discover how learning, trying and doing entrepreneurship with The Nice Center is inspiring students to solve problems wherever they are.


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