Bison Advise – For Students

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Bison Advise (formerly Navigate) is a platform that many advisors on campus use to schedule appointments with their students. Follow the link below to learn how to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor.

You can use the mobile app: Navigate to schedule or use the online web link:

Use your NDSU account log in credentials.

1. Log in to Bison Advise

2. Click on “Get Assistance” in the upper right corner.

3. Select “Advising” from the menu options.
Select “Academic Advising” from the menu options.
Select “Advising For My Major” from the next menu, then click “Next”.

4. Select the major that you would like to meet with an academic advisor to discuss. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR INTENDED MAJOR LISTED, PLEASE SELECT “CAREER AND ADVISING CENTER”.

5. Select an advisor to meet with from the menu options, then click “Next”.

6. Select an available time to meet, then click “Next”.

7. Confirm the following details of your appointment: Date, Time and Location. You may also write any helpful comments to the advisor and choose an appointment reminder option. Once complete, click “Confirm Appointment”.