Faculty & Staff

The Career and Advising Center works to collaborate and partner staff and faculty across campus.

Career Readiness Information

Building in career education into a student’s curriculum or classroom experience is crucial in order to help prepare students for their future. The Career and Advising Center can help faculty and staff in a variety of ways as they invite “career” into their classrooms and departments:

Career Resources

  • Invite us to present presentation in your class.
  • Request specific information or resources to support your class lecture.
  • Schedule your class to visit the Career and Advising Center.
  • Request a mock interview schedule for your class.
To submit a classroom presentation request, click here and complete the fields on the form.

Advising Information

Working with and advising students is a very important part of our student focused mission at NDSU. The Career and Advising Center is here to provide support to the faculty and professional advisors across campus. We have compiled some information and resources to help make your advising experience with students more valuable.

Advising Resources

Use these resources in preparation for or during your meetings with students.


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