Cover Letter Tip: Tailor to the Employer

When assembling a cover letter for a potential job that you are interested in, it is important to mention the skills and experiences you have that relate to that company specifically. In order to successfully complete this, an easy way to know what a company finds important is to look up their mission statement, goals, and values. These will typically be listed on their website. From there, you will be able to see what skills and tasks matter to the company most, and you can then tailor your cover letter towards that business.

For example, if you were applying to a job at a local construction company and you noticed that their mission statement and values strongly represented characteristics of teamwork and communication, you could then write about experiences you have faced including those skills. You could mention how your past jobs have taught you to communicate with other employees both in a professional and friendly way. You could also talk about how your membership and leadership in a school-sanctioned club has taught you how to work as a team and let everyone’s voice be heard. This way, by mentioning examples using skills that matter to a company, they will be more likely to be interested in your resume and cover letter as they will know that you also value their most admired qualities.

By Kenzie Jacques
Kenzie Jacques Career Mentor