Degree Completion Program

What is it?

NDSU’s Degree Completion program is for adults with some college credits who are looking to use their prior credits and return to school to finish their bachelor’s degree. Students are able to take classes on campus or online depending on their needs.

Who is eligible?

Students must qualify based on the following requirements:

  • Students who do not hold a prior Bachelor’s degree
  • Students who have not been enrolled in an institution for a minimum of 2 years (24 consecutive months)
  • Students who have earned a minimum of 60 credits
  • Students who have a minimum 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average

What classes can I take?

Students who qualify have two options to finish their degree. They may return to their prior degree path to finish their original degree or students work towards a Bachelor of University Studies degree: General Studies Option. This option allows students the most flexibility in choosing course options, while maintaining the rigor of a traditional bachelor’s degree. Students may choose to take courses online or in the classroom and will work with an academic Advisor in the Career and Advising Center to understand remaining course requirements.

What scholarships are available?

There are several opportunities to get help with the cost of finishing your degree! Scholarships dollars are available ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for students who have taken a break from their education.

  • Degree Completion Scholarships for students within 6 credits of graduation
  • Balance forgiveness for students in the Degree Completion program (application coming)
  • Osher Reentry Scholarship (apply here)
  • Crankstart Scholarship (apply here)

How do I get more information?

Fill out the Degree Completion Interest Form and someone will get in touch with you!

You may also contact:


Jessie Bauer, Senior Academic & Career Advisor/BUS Program Coordinator
Phone: 701-231-6313



5 Easy Steps to Get Started on Finishing Your Degree!

1. Fill out the interest form!

2. Reactivate (former NDSU Students)


Apply (for new NDSU students)

3. Set up your electronic systems 4. Meet with an Advisor (login to Navigate to schedule!) 5. Get registered for classes