Are You Looking to Change Your Major or Add a Second Major?

It is important to meet with an advisor to have a conversation about your new intended major. You will want to find out how your credits will apply, how long it may take you to finish the new major and what types of courses are required.

If you just want to change/add a minor or remove a second major, you can complete that form yourself within Campus Connection. Log in to Campus Connection and select the “NDSU eForms” tile on your homescreen.  You’ll see the NDSU logo. Select Registration & Records on the left, and then “Minor/Cert/Advisor Change”

Faculty/Staff Major Change Steps:
Log in to Campus Connection, toggle to the Campus Solutions Administrator homepage.
Select NDSU eForms tile with the NDSU logo
Select Registration & Records on the left
Select “Admin-Major/Minor Change” – this is the major change form that you submit while meeting with the student.

Students are welcome to initiate a major change at any time. However, if a student should elect to leave a major with differential tuition, the major change form must be submitted and processed prior to the week four census date for any potential tuition rate updates. Changes completed after the four-week census will update to the new major, but not be effective for tuition rate changes until the following term. (

1. Log in to Bison Advise

2. Click on “Get Assistance” in the upper right corner.                                                                                                                                                       

3. Select “Advising” from the menu options.

Select “Major Change Advising from the menu options.

Select “Change My major” from the next menu, then click “Next”.

5. Select the major that you would like to change into from the menu options. IF YOU DO NOT SEE YOUR INTENDED MAJOR LISTED, PLEASE SELECT “Career and Advising Center”.

6. Select an advisor to meet with from the menu options, then click “Next”.

7. Select an available time to meet, then click “Next”.

8. Confirm the following details of your appointment: Date, Time and Location. You may also write any helpful comments to the advisor and choose an appointment reminder option. Once complete, click “Confirm Appointment”.