Cover Letter Tip: Address the Employer Professionally

When creating a cover letter for a potential job of your interest, it is important to know a few details about the both the employer and the company. When beginning the first draft of your cover letter, make sure to verify certain information for either the hiring manager or the department chair of the company such as finding out their email, phone number, company address, etc. (This information is able to be found on the company’s website.) It is important to list these details so that the employer notices your effort to research about both the company and them personally. This is also a key step in creating a cover letter so that if the document makes its way to the wrong person in the company, that person can easily transfer it to the individual who was supposed to receive it. Overall, just keep in mind that in the workforce, addressing somebody professionally will make them feel valued and important to your job search involvement.

By Kenzie Jacques
Kenzie Jacques Career Mentor