2020 Student Success Summit

We are excited for our 2nd Annual Student Success Summit on February 5, 2020!

Please join us and spend the morning, discussing, collaborating and learning about how we can impact student success at NDSU!

Keynote Presentation

“NDSU Retention and Graduation Overview” – Arikara
Emily Berg, Institutional Research & Analysis
Continental Breakfast will be served
-This session will include a summary of NDSU’s current retention and graduation trends. There will be time for questions, discussion, and reflection about these current trends and what we see for the future.

Breakout Session I

“Opening the Door to Distance Education Learners” – Hidatsa
Dr. Erika Beseler Thompson, School of Education
Dr. Sarah Crary, School of Education
Dr. Andrea Huseth-Zosel, Public Health
-This session will provide information on how to more effectively include distance learners within a synchronous classroom environment, ensuring they are not left “on the margins

“Letting Go: Sharing Power to Empower” – Badlands
Anthony Faris, Memorial Union Gallery
-How can we reimagine and reshape roles to mirror the real expertise students will need in their field? This presentation will explore how the MU Gallery teaches students how to write grants, learn coding or create educational programming in a way that benefits organization and individual.

Breakout Session II

 “Student Success in the First-Year Writing Program at NDSU: Engaging Learners” – Hidatsa
Dr. Holly Hassel, Department of English
Dr. Lisa Arnold, Department of English
-In this interactive session, Dr. Lisa Arnold, Associate Professor of English and First-Year Writing Director and Dr. Holly Hassel, Professor of English and instructor in the first-year writing program will share data on retention, success, and student engagement in English 110 and 120. After briefly introducing institutional research and department-collected data through questionnaires and assessment of student learning, the co-presenters will facilitate a discussion among attendees about the student experience in first-year writing courses, including ways the program might usefully engage with other campus stakeholders to promote student success, engagement, and learning.

“Turning Ambivalence to Action – An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing” – Badlands
Betsy Carter, Student Success Programs
-This session will introduce participants to the basic premises and techniques of Motivational Interviewing, a empirically-supported method that will help students talk themselves into action by unlocking their own internal motivations based on values and interests. By learning a few simple communication tools, participants can expect to have more robust conversations with students that can lead to faster positive academic change.

Breakout Session III

“Tackling Library Anxiety for Student Success” – Hidatsa
Merete Christianson, Libraries
Beth Twomey, Libraries
-This session will report on the results of a Libraries’ survey of NDSU undergraduate student attitudes towards the library. Information will be provided about “library anxiety” and why our student body is particularly underprepared to take advantage of the services and resources we provide. NDSU specific undergraduate information literacy objectives will be presented, and suggestions offered for ways to talk about the key role of the university library in student success.

“Internships, Co-ops, and Their Impact on Student Success” – Badlands
Allison Goossens, Career and Advising Center
-The purpose of this session is to inform faculty and staff of current trends and best practices in experiential learning (specifically internships and co-ops), discuss how these experiences directly relate to students success, and highlight the resources available to them to help students find and engage in experiential learning.