Major/Career Exploration Workshops

Major and career exploration workshops are held at various times throughout the semester. There are three different types of workshops, so be sure to review the various offerings to determine which workshop and content will be the most useful to you!

“The Basics: Major and Career Exploration”

A quick overview of tools and resources offered at NDSU to help students find a major that is an appropriate fit for them. Students will also learn steps they can take to discover what their career goals are and how to fill in the steps between their student and professional status.

  • No limit, no registration required
  • October 9th, 10 – 10:50 am in QBB 132
  • November 7th, 3 – 3:50 pm in QBB 114

“How Values and Personality Fit With Majors and Career Paths”

A 2-part workshop series to help students look at their personal values, skills,and what makes them unique, giving them opportunities and resources to see how these attributes fit into various majors or career paths.  Students will have an opportunity to connect with a mentor or coach who can then assist them with taking their exploration to the “next level”.

The first session will be held on October 15th from 2 – 3 pm in QBB 132 and is limited to 20 participants, so please register here.

“Exploration: Where Interests Meet Majors and Careers”

A 3-part workshop series in which students will learn about different categories of interests and will then be able to determine how their personal interests and styles may impact their decisions about which major or career paths they could enjoy pursuing.  This series will involve two group sessions and 1, one-on-one session for students to get to discuss their individuality and the specific questions they may have regarding which direction to take their major or career. Students will complete a Strong Interest Inventory as part of the workshop and cost of assessment ($15.95) must be covered by the student.

The first session will be held on October 14th from 3 – 4:30 pm in AG Hill 330 and is limited to 10 participants, so please register here.

Each workshop can be customized for specific departments and majors on campus.  Faculty can request a workshop tailored to their specific student population to ensure content is applicable.

Further questions?  Contact Amanda Reil, Senior Career Coach, at or by calling 701-231-7167.

Career Exploration