Major/Career Exploration Workshops

The NDSU Career and Advising Center offers major and career exploration services in a variety of ways.  This Fall semester, we will have online options for students to participate in live, and we will also continue to offer recordings of various workshops.

Pre-recorded Workshops:

Major Exploration Workshop A quick overview of tools and resources offered at NDSU to help students find a major that is an appropriate fit for them. Students will also learn steps they can take to discover what their career goals are and how to fill in the steps between their student and professional status. Watch our Major Exploration Workshop here!

Career Exploration Workshops Some students know they like their major or have a couple of majors in mind, but they would find career exploration helpful as they consider the “next steps” in their academic and career journey.  This workshop will provide participants with resources to explore career opportunities as they align with majors and also help participants identify how their internship/part-time work experience can help propel them in a career direction that is unique to them. Watch our Career Exploration Workshop here!

Further questions?  Contact the Career and Advising Center at 701-231-7111 or email