Job Shadowing Preparation and Tips

  1. Being prepared for a job shadow is similar to being prepared for an interview:  be professional and dressed as is expected for that work environment, be prompt and timely, and have questions prepared ahead of time.
  2. Ask questions to which you couldn’t find the answers to through your own research.  In fact, if your research leaves you wanting to know more or if you are noticing discrepancies between research sources, ask the individual you are shadowing for some clarification.
  3. Be prepared to take notes.  Have space prepared to jot down notes about what you did and didn’t like about the work environment, the job duties and expectations, the work culture and environment, etc.
  4. Reach out to the person you will be shadowing ahead of time:  Ask specific questions about attire expectations, if there are any safety/protocol documents and waivers to sign, etc.