Tips for navigating What Can I Do With This Major?

  1. The NDSU Career and Advising Center contracts with another university to provide this resource to NDSU students, so note that the titles of the majors on the resource are not an exact match for major titles we have here.  Please refer to a list of all NDSU majors to help with clarification or feel free to reach out to the Career and Advising Center with any questions by dropping by, calling 701-231-7111, or emailing us at
  2. From the homepage, there is a “View All Majors” drop down at the top of the page.  Hovering over the drop down will show majors clustered into various areas as they are related to one another.  You can select an area to begin exploring or click the “View All Majors” heading to see a comprehensive list of all majors available on the resource.
  3. Once you’ve selected a major, review the various opportunities for areas, industries, or employers that would hire someone who has achieved the major you have selected.  The “Strategies” section can be helpful for highlighting ways you could begin preparing yourself for a career in that area.
  4. At the very bottom of the pages within specific majors, there are lists of professional associations and other related resources that may be helpful as you continue to educate yourself on certain areas or specific occupations.
  5. For students who are concerned that they are pursuing a major that has a limited amount of potential or a limit to what they can do with that degree, this resource can be very eye opening.  Keep in mind that there are many ways to continue to build your skills throughout your education such as internships/Co-ops, projects in your coursework, related part-time or seasonal jobs, etc.  Stop by the Career and Advising Center to have more discussions about how you can mold your education and skills to be a fit for your career or job of interest.