All of the majors listed in this Exploratory Area can lead students to careers in “helping fields”. That could be through education, social services, government, etc. Check out the majors on the list below and click on any of the majors and see the entire list of course requirements for that major. Do a majority of the classes sound interesting to you? Then it may be worth exploring!

Exploratory Classes

This is a list of courses that students can choose from to help explore the Social Science, Human Service and Education Exploratory Area. It is always important to consult with an academic advisor before choosing which course might best fit your interests.


  • ANTH 111   Intro to Anthropology
  • CJ 201   Intro to Criminal Justice
  • CJ 210   Intro to Policing
  • HIST 251   Intro to Public History
  • HIST 252   Intro to Museum Work
  • HNES 110   Intro to Health and Physical Education
  • PH 101   Intro to Public Health
  • POLS 110   Intro to Political Science
  • PSYC 111   Intro to Psychology
  • SOC 110   Intro to Sociology


  • EMGT 101   Emergencies, Disasters & Catastrophes
  • HDFS 230   Lifespan Development

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