Tools For Exploration – CareerExplorer

Howdy Bison Herd,  

This is yet another blog in our series on Career Exploration. Last week, we talked about a difficult but equally useful database called O*net and the benefits of using it in tandem with Focus 2 Career, which we introduced back in our first blog on the subject. This week, we will be taking a step back from statistics and taking another look at identifying possible careers if you haven’t picked one. The tool we will be discussing is called CareerExplorer which is a tool that can help show you how your interests and personality traits line up with possible careers.  

CareerExplorer makes use of a rating system in order to respond to questions about different work-related tasks and working styles that you may or may not enjoy. You can rate each question on your level of enjoyment in 5 different levels, hate it, dislike it, neutral, like it, and love it. 

The whole assessment can be taken in around 30 minutes and after completing it you will be rewarded with: 

  • 12 Career matches that are generated based on your answers.  
  • Personality Report which describes how some of your traits may benefit you in certain career paths. 
  • Trait Report which will provide you with a holland code as well as an explanation on how holland codes work and what career others with the same code commonly have. 

CareerExplorer can be found on the NDSU Career and Advising Center website in the career support tab under explore. If you have any questions or would like assistance utilizing CareerExplorer or any other tool or service offered by the Career and Advising Center, you can stop by our office in Ceres Hall room 306. You can also contact us at 701-231-7111 or at our email 

By Sawyer Teicher
Sawyer Teicher Career Mentor