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This week’s question is: What can I do to make my resume stand out?

That is a great question! Here are the top 5 tips to make your resume stand out from the rest!

1. Focus

  • The resume should be able to stand alone without a cover letter. The reader should be able to immediately recognize the purpose of the resume.
  • Including an objective at the top of the resume can assist with clarifying purpose!

2. Qualifications that match the job

  • Identify skills, core attributes, experiences, etc. that show your value to the reader – tell the employer what you can do for them.
  • You can find these skills or “keywords” on a position description.
  • Make sure you include the keywords on your document, so that an electronic scanner an employer may be using will pick them up!

3. Action Verb + Skill + Task =Result

  • Use this recommended formula for writing bulleted phrases that define your work experience.
  • Example: “Demonstrate (action verb) communication (skill) skills when describing menu items to customers (task) to ensure customer satisfaction (result)”
    • You can view more examples in our resume guide!
  • You should include 3-5 bullet points per experience to fully show your skills!

4. Balance

  • Make sure that your document looks aesthetically appealing to an employer:
    • Maintain consistency throughout the document
    • 1-2 pages, only use 2 pages if second page is full
    • Recommended font size: 10-12 pt.
    • Recommended font styles: Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial or any that are clear and easy to read
    • Must be scanned in 15 seconds or less
    • Avoid using or purchasing templates – Why should I avoid using templates? 
    • References should appear on a separate page and should not be included in the resume

5. Error Free

  • Always double check your resume for any grammar or spelling errors. You can ask a friend/family member or the Career and Advising Center to review your resume as well!
  • If an employer sees grammar errors on the resume, it can send the message that you didn’t take the necessary time and care when preparing your materials.

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By Andrea Richard
Andrea Richard Graduate Career Mentor