Why should I avoid using a template?

Templates are EVERYWHERE! They seem fast, easy, and unique but there are several reasons to avoid using them when and if possible.

MYTH:  They make a document look super creative and unique.

  • They are actually extremely common for people to use which means employers see them all the time and they tend to be less unique than if one were to have been created from scratch.

MYTH:  A template will allow me to pick any style I like, and I just have to put in my information and specifics.

    • True, they tend to be an easy, quick solution to putting together a resume.  Because they are templates, however, they are also very challenging to customize or tailor down the road as your career and professional qualifications grow.
    • They save you little time in the short term, and end up taking a lot longer to add to and alter in the long term.

MYTH:  I could never create what a template does.

  • Actually, you could if you wanted to!  Our staff is available to help you find design themes or customization that can be easy to read but also not too distracting to your reader(s). The Career and Advising Center has an outline and example resumes to follow so you don’t need a template to create a unique and amazing resume!

MYTH:  If I have to pay for a template or a resume review online, it will be a more high quality product than what others will be applying with.

    • Unfortunately, students pay for templates or online resume reviews all the time.  The Career and Advising Center is here to offer these services to you at no cost, aside from what comes from your student fees each year, and can meet with you as many times as you find helpful.  Reach out to us at 701-231-7111 or by email at ndsu.cac@ndsu.edu with any questions or stop by our Career Studio for a review in Ceres Hall 306!