Mock interviews are a great way to practice for undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni! These are opportunities to learn more about the interviewing process, how to respond throughout interviews, and remain engaging while receiving feedback in a supportive environment. Mock interviews are also a chance for you to learn how to carry on a conversation with potential employers, like what you might experience at a Career Fair. Our staff work hard to mimic your actual experience and tailor each mock interview to the position or area that you are interested in. One of the greatest benefits of participating in a mock interview, is that there are no ramifications if you feel like you did not do your best. The goal of our staff is provide an environment where you can celebrate your strengths and improve areas of perceived weakness.

General Mock Interviews – Practicing for interviewing is a great idea regardless of whether or not you are planning to apply for positions or opportunities in the near future. Undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni can stop by during our drop in hours to participate in a general mock interview with one of our Career Mentors or professional staff. The Career & Advising Center has a database of questions for almost all majors.

Tailored Mock Interviews – These mock interviews can be especially helpful if you are going to be interviewing for a specific position or opportunity. If you would like to schedule a tailored mock interview, a professional staff member will request a copy of the job description as well as your resume when scheduling your interview. We will also request that you dress in the outfit you are planning to wear for your interview. This allows you to have the chance to feel the way you will feel the day of and help you to make changes before the actual interview.

If you would like to schedule a mock interview, please fill out our Mock Interview Request form, email, or call 701-231-7111 to set up a convenient time.