The Power of Storytelling

Many people think when they go into an interview that they just need to answer the questions as quickly as possible and get out. Many are scared that they are wasting the interviewers time by giving longer answers and asking them a few questions. That is the wrong way to view interviews. If you are being asked to come in for an interview, then they want to get to know you. They have already looked at your resume and decided that you are qualified enough for the job and now they want to see your personality a little bit to really get a bigger picture of who you are.

When they are asking you questions like: “why did you chose to go into this field?”, this is a fantastic opportunity to tell a story. Everyone has a reason why they chose their major or are going into the field that they are so tell that story. Your goal during the interview is to stand out compared to the other candidates. You want to make sure the interviewer remembers you after you walk out the door. Telling a funny, appropriate story can help you stand out as well as helps them get to know you.

Storytelling is not only essential in an interview, but really anytime you are trying to sell someone on something or yourself. Even if you are just meeting a recruiter for coffee, you should be telling as many stories as possible. If they agreed to meet with you then they want to get to know you a little more, so make sure you are painting a good picture for them.

By Abby Zimmerman
Abby Zimmerman Career Mentor