Job Board Highlight: Glassdoor

Glassdoor is an online job board that helps connect different communities on individuals. When signing up, Glassdoor asks if you are a student, employer, or job seeker. Then based off you desired work and location will create a community board with posits from people in the same field or location as you. Glassdoor’s main goal for being created is to open up transparency between employee and employer.

Some other things Glassdoor can do is…

  • Create and interact with posts with in your desired community
  • Follow and Join “Bowls” that are created in topics of interest based on members of Glassdoor
  • Curated “For You” List o jobs based on viewed posts, pervious searches, and interactions.
  • “Your Activity” tab to see all your recent searches and interest, as well as interactions with applications.
  • A “Company” tab to search by companies to see what they are currently hiring and have posted.
  • “Salaries tab to compare other pay to see if you are getting compensated correctly or similarly to you job/location.

By Mackenzie Mueller
Mackenzie Mueller Career Mentor