CVs a saga: Episode 2

Hello fellow Bisons and star wars fans 😊
As promised in my blog CVs a saga: Episode 1, we are going to look into different components of the CV. Unlike resume, the CV gives you the flexibility to be more expressive about your background and one can wisely use this opportunity to their advantage. The components of an effective CV consists of the following:

• Education
• Supplemental Education
• Lab/research Experience
• Teaching Experience
• Related Work Experience
• Work Experience
• Volunteer Experience
• Presentations (can be broken down in to local, regional, and national)
• Publications
• Professional Memberships
• Grants
• Licensure and Trainings
• Languages
• Technology
• Special Awards and Honors

Curious about how they look like and what are these?? Stay tuned for my next blog in which I will talk about each segment in best details possible.
As Obi-Wan Kenobi mentioned, “Many of the truths that we cling on to depend on our point of view”.
Whatever you mention on your CV, always find a time to discuss it with professionals at NDSU Career and Advising Center as they can help project certain aspects of your career in the CV in a very effective way. Feel free to contact the office or walk into our office at Ceres Hall. We are always there to help you 😊

By Dibyanshu Tibrewal
Dibyanshu Tibrewal Career Mentor