Cover Letter Tip: Professional vs. Personal

When composing a cover letter addressed to an employer, it is important to know how to formulate your writing. Cover letters are a way for employers and/or hiring managers to see a personal side to you after reviewing your professional work on your resume. Since resumes are tailored to showcase skills and tasks that you have earned through experiences, a cover letter then allows a person to show off why they are passionate about working for a certain company and pursuing the occupation they are applying for.

It is important to still use professional writing skills in the cover letter as the employer would like to know where your written and communication skills land, but it is extremely significant that you also provide insight into WHY you want that specific job. An easy way to mention the WHY in a cover letter is to provide reasons. For example, if an individual was applying to work in the NICU or Pediatric department of a hospital, they could list how they grew up with multiple siblings and learned to care for younger children. They could also mention how their first part-time job was located at a daycare, where they then fell in love with providing care to infants and toddlers. This person could also list specific memories that have stuck with them about caregiving both in their family and workplace.

By Kenzie Jacques
Kenzie Jacques Career Mentor