CVs a Saga: Episode1

Hello fellow Bisons. Good to see y’all !

As promised in my blog CVs: An Introduction , we are going to look into a series of tips and tricks to building a good CV. I have divided them into different parts to include them into one whole saga, because, being a ardent fan of star wars I have learned that like movies, even CVs could have a saga as they do help us decide our future.

Before we begin, let me ask you a question. What is the literal meaning of CV or Curriculum Vitae ? Feel free to write a response. I promise you’ll know the answer if you have read my blog before.

Whenever you find yourself applying for a job in the academia or research fields, you’ll notice they will ask you for a CV. The reason for the same is because they want to know everything about you and it’s important for them to project what growth you could give them once you join them. In certain situations, when you are applying for high level roles in a company, they tend to ask you for your CV as well because it not only helps them know you as a person but it also makes it easy for them to get detailed information about you which might be left out in your resume.

For example, Imagine a scenario where you are applying to be a research analyst in academia. What will they ask for? CV or a Resume?

Ans: They will ask you for your CV because they will need to see important pieces of information like research citations and the number of research papers you had which will help them narrow you down as a candidate. Such information can only be gathered by going through a CV. So, the next time you submit your CV, make sure it has up to date information because it could make you a potential employee in the company which you are applying to.

So, be it applying for job roles as research scientist or professor at academia, you are required to submit your CV. An important point to note is that in most cases, it is expected to submit your CV mainly if you have plethora of experiences in the industry. Once you are working in the industry for many years and applying for a job role as let’s say the director of the company, your CV will be your best shot. Why? Well, logically one can’t be expected to have a 10 page resume now, can they 🙂

With this, Ill end my Part 1 of the saga. Stay tuned for the next part which will talk about important components of CV. Don’t forget you can always reach out to us if you ever need any help. With this I would end it by saying GO BISON !!!!!!

By Dibyanshu Tibrewal
Dibyanshu Tibrewal Career Mentor