Tools For Exploration – What Can I Do With This Major?

Hello again Bison,  

We are back with another blog in our new series highlighting Career Exploration. Last week we discussed Focus 2 Career which made use of inventory assessments to compile potential careers that you may enjoy. This week we will be discussing a tool that can be used in conjunction with Focus 2 called What Can I Do With This Major? 

WCIDWTM is an exploratory tool developed by The University of Tennessee that features over 100 majors and the common career paths that those majors lead to. Additionally, for each major and career path, WCIDWTM also has information on the types of employers that can be found in the field as well as potential strategies to increase your success in both the major and job search.  

When you first enter the site to begin exploring, you’ll find that all of the majors have been broken down into 11 different focus areas to make refining your search both faster and easier. However, if you continue to scroll down, you’ll find the list of majors in alphabetical order if you prefer to search that way. After clicking on a focus area, a drop-down menu will appear allowing you to look at the majors in the area, from there you can begin your exploration. 

Once you’ve selected a major that you want to explore, it will bring you to that major’s page where it will be broken down further into types of fields that are associated with that major. For example, accounting as a major is separated into Public Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Government, Nonprofit, and Education. Within each of these sections, you will find information on common career paths, employers, and strategies to get hired in that particular field.  

Additionally, you will find tips for getting started and advancing in the field alongside information such as professional associations, occupational outlook, employment opportunities, and other related resources.  

This tool is great to use alongside another tool like Focus 2 Career as it provides a wealth of information that could otherwise have been intimidating to navigate on its own. I encourage you to try out Focus 2 Career, find some majors you like, and then further explore the opportunities that that major can offer you using What Can I Do With This Major.  

What Can I Do With This Major can be found on the NDSU Career and Advising Center Website in the Career Support tab under Career Exploration. If you have any questions you can stop by our office in Ceres Hall room 306 or email us at You can also schedule a meeting to further explore What Can I Do With This Major alongside other tools through Bison Advise. 

By Sawyer Teicher
Sawyer Teicher Career Mentor