#NDSUintern Spotlight: Terick Frazer

NDSU student at their internship site.
Terick Frazer, NDSU Intern at Doosan Bobcat

Company: Doosan Bobcat

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Location of Internship: Gwinner, ND

Internship Title: Product Service Co-op

Why did you choose the company that you work for?

I thought I would be able to gain valuable experience in what I have been working towards in school. Bobcat seemed liked the right place for me to learn as much as I can.

What were some of the requirements for your internship?

Some of my tasks are working with dealerships for their warranty parts, looking at continued failures in the field on machines and trying to make out what have been causing them. I will also be doing time studies for repairs on machines to see if what is on the service manual is the right amount of time. Just learning as much as I can about the company and the type of job I may end up with when I am finished with school.

What is your favorite part about your internship experience?

My favorite part is just learning what an engineering job is actually like. As well as getting better with working with people as I have to communicate with people all over the country and sometimes overseas. This job is making me become more organized than I have ever been.

What is the most challenging part of your internship? How have you overcome these obstacles?

The most challenging thing for me is just getting comfortable in a new place that is nothing like where I grew up. I just try to go out and do stuff, try and talk with your coworkers.

How did you find your internship?

My resume was seen on Handshake, and I was recruited by the company

Why was it beneficial for you to register for credit(s) through the Internship Program offered through the Career and Advising Center?

It was beneficial for me to register for credits because it helped me hold off on loans by keeping you a full-time student. It also knocks out some credits while you are not technically in a school setting.

What advice would you give a student who is in the process of searching and applying for an internship?

Don’t give up if something does not work out. I would explore as much options as you can and don’t be afraid to take a chance.

By Rachana Wright
Rachana Wright Graduate Assistant - Internship Program