Ask A CM: Summer On-Campus Job Search

The question today is: How to get a summer job on campus now?

This is a great question to consider as the semester is wrapping up and people are deciding what they want to do this summer! Many departments and facilities on campus have positions open for the summer. These job postings can be found in CAREERLINK.

You can find the link to CAREERLINK at the top of our website. Click the student login box and sign in with your NDSU student credentials. When you get signed into CAREERLINK, click on the “Job Listings” tab to see all the jobs that have been posted. Next, use the filters to narrow down the search to on campus jobs by checking the “On Campus” box under the “Type of Job” filter. You can use as many of the filters as you want until you find a job that interests you. Over 17 on campus jobs are currently open on CAREERLINK and more are being added each day. For example, some current openings include a Front Desk Assistant for NDSU Student Activities, Student Associate for NDSU Dining, and even a Lab Assistant position for NDSU Department of Plant Sciences. When you click on the job posting you will be provided with further information about the qualifications and the application process.

If you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, you will be able to have access to CAREERLINK a few days after you register for classes.

As always, if you have any other questions or need application materials looked over, do not hesitate to pop into our virtual studio, stop by our in-person studio located in Ceres Hall, or send us an email. Happy job searching!

Until next time,

Sophie Semanko, Career Mentor

By Sophie Semanko
Sophie Semanko Career Mentor Sophie Semanko