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Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great first week of classes and adjusting to the new “normal”.

This week’s question is: “I am part of an academic honor society. How /  where do I add it on LinkedIn?”

Great question! Being part of an academic honor society is an awesome achievement, so you definitely will want to show that off! Adding it to your LinkedIn page is a great way to show your connections and potential employers your involvement in different activities as well as your academic achievements!

It will go under your education section in your LinkedIn profile. You can post it by going to the education section on your profile, then clicking the pencil to edit the section. You can then type the name of your honor society in the box titled “Activities and societies”. Don’t forget to click “Save”! Your honor society membership will then be visible under your education information on your profile. One other tip is that you can ‘Search’ for the honor society and follow them. Not only does this will allow you to see what the society posts on LinkedIn, but ithe society also shows up under your “Interests” section of your profile!

Please continue to ask questions by submitting them on the main page of our website. I would love to help you out with any of your career-related needs!

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By Sabrina Eggert
Sabrina Eggert Career Mentor Sabrina Eggert