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Intern: Amy Bodvig

Major: Industrial Engineering and Management

Company: Doosan Bobcat

Location of Internship: Bismarck, ND

Internship Title: Lean Six Sigma Co-op

  • Why did you choose the company that you work for?
    • It’s an international company with lots of experience that is in my hometown.
  • What were some of the requirements for your internship?
    • I am assisting in implementing 5S in the Bismarck factory and I am working alongside other Lean Promotion Agents across all of Doosan Bobcat’s North American factories to achieve and sustain factories with 5S.
  • What is your favorite part about your internship experience?
    • My favorite part about my internship is being able to apply what I’ve learned in classes to real life situations. Sometimes homework can feel boring and pointless but this has proved that it matters and my professors are doing everything they can to prepare me fore the real world.
  • What is the most challenging part of your internship? How have you overcome these obstacles? 
    • The most challenging part has been dealing with COVID-19. The factory was closed for two weeks and I was afraid that as a co-op, I would be let go but thanks to the incredible leadership at Doosan Bobcat they are keeping all of their co-ops. By keeping calm, being adaptable, and continuing to work hard the entire company has been able to overcome the challenges of COVID-19
  • How did you find your internship?
    • Through an NDSU Career Fair
  • Why was it beneficial for you to register your internship for credit through the Internship Program?
    • By registering for credits through the Internship Program I was able to keep my full time student status and not worry about taking classes on top of working a 40+ hour week.
  • What advice would you give a student who is in the process of applying to an internship?
    • Keep applying. I lost count of how many internships I applied for and was denied but by continuing to apply and working closely with the career center I was finally able to get the internship of my dreams.


By Rachel Grace
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