Summer Job/Internship Search Checklist

As the weather gets warmer and daylight is making a much longer appearance, summer and the end of the semester seem to inch closer and closer. With that in mind, some of you might be wondering when the right time is to begin your summer job/internship hunt. So here a checklist of a few things that can get you closer to your next summer gig.

  1. Polish up your resume and/or cover letter
    1. Learn how to tailor your resumes to each position you apply for by stopping by the Career Studio 
    2. Does the application require a cover letter? Does it say that it is optional? If optional, write it! If it’s not asked for, focus your efforts on tailoring your resume
  2. Search for positions
    1. Check out CAREERLINK, an NDSU student and alumni exclusive job board where you can find part-time jobs, internships, and full time positions
      1. There are nearly 700 positions currently posted with 270 of those being internships, so take advantage of these opportunities!
    2. Indeed
      1. Indeed is a popular job board with many positions posted, because there are a plethora of positions one useful tool in the system is the Advanced Job Search
  3. Attend upcoming recruiting events
    1. 2020 Part-Time and Summer Jobs Fair
    2. 2020 Spring Job and Internship Fair
      1. With Day 2 of the Career Expo being canceled this year to due weather, the Career and Advising Center is hosting Spring Job and Internship Fair to help connect students to employers in the area
  4. Keep track of the positions you apply to
    1. Find a system to keep track of the positions you apply to or use this fill-able PDF
    2. Be sure to always download and save the position descriptions for jobs you apply to, this will help you prepare for future interviews
  5. Update or create a LinkedIn account
    1. LinkedIn is your online networking/self marketing site or in other words – your resume that never sleeps
      1. If your interested in creating an a account or wondering how to use the site to its full capacity stop by the Career Studio or check out these tips
  6. References
    1. Connect with people that can attest to your work ethic and abilities and ask them to serve as references for you
    2. If you need to create a reference sheet check out this example 
  7. Keep on searching
    1. The job search process is not always quick and it can take some time, so be persistent, proactive, and keep on searching

Good luck!

By Olivia Buller
Olivia Buller Senior Career Coach