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This week’s question: Since the weather is warming up, would it be appropriate to wear open-toed shoes to my upcoming interview?

This is a great question! The Career Center would suggest against wearing open-toed shoes to an interview.

  • Even though it is finally warm outside, every employer is different and not every company allows open-toed shoes
  • Wearing closed-toed shoes is your best bet for safety and just in case the weather changes!

Since we are talking about professional dress, here is a graphic with an example of business professional and business casual:

When preparing for an interview…

  • Consider what your interviewer will be wearing and make sure you are at that level or above.
  • Ask your interviewer what the dress code is and what is appropriate to wear for the interview.
  • You should always consider the weather, safety, and what your interview might entail.
  • Make sure whatever you decide to wear is comfortable, the right size, and fits your personality!

If you have an upcoming interview and have nothing to wear, don’t forget about the Career Center’s Career Closet! All current students can have access to our clothes for FREE and can check them out for up to two weeks at a time! You don’t even have to worry about dry cleaning, we cover that as well. Just pop in to the Career Center and ask to see the Career Closet and a Career Mentor will show you the clothes you have to choose from. You have the chance to pick something out and even try it on!

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By Andrea Richard
Andrea Richard Graduate Career Mentor Andrea Richard