Resume Tips – Using Key Words

With the growing popularity of resume scanning software called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).  One study showed over 70% of larger companies use some type of ATS software to help them week through the stacks of resumes they receive.  These systems are searching for key words in your resume that match those in the job description for the given position, making it even more critical that you tailor your resume for each position.

So the challenge is how to identify the key words in a j0b posting to effectively tailor your resume bullets to fit.  Here is an example:



  • Great guests ad ensure they receive personalized service and attention
  • Provide detailed information about menu items
  • Ensure accuracy of orders
  • Monitor guest experience providing the highest standards of customer service
  • Properly stock shelves in a neat and orderly fashion

The underlined and italicized words/phrases above are examples of key skills the employer is looking for in an employee.  The next step is to use these words in your resume to help match your experience and skills to their needs.

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By Jerry South
Jerry South Assistant Director of Career Coaching