#NDSUintern Spotlight

Intern: Nicolas Tophen

Major: Management Information Systems

Company: Magnet 360

Location of Internship: St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Internship Title: Business Consultant

  • On a scale from 1-10, how rewarding did you find your internship experience to be? (1 being not rewarding at all, 10 being extremely rewarding)
    • 9
  • Why did  you choose the company that you worked for?
    • I choose to work for Magnet360 because of their unique culture. Their culture strayed away from the traditional “suit and tie,” and “sitting in a cubical all day” stereotypes. Magnet360 has created a unique environment by adopting certain core values, “dress for your day” dress code, and focusing on employee relations. Magnet360 is constantly hosting opportunities to build relationships with the employees creating a fun, yet professional and successful environment.
  • What were some of your job requirements for your internship?
    • There aren’t too many initial job requirements for this internship. They are looking for students that have the skills to learn as well as represent their core values. It’s always helpful to have background knowledge in basic software such as Microsoft Office (Excel). It also helped having previous knowledge in Agile delivery and other methodologies such as Waterfall and business operating models.
  • What was your favorite part about your internship experience?
    • My favorite part of the internship, oddly enough, was going to work everyday. I loved going into an environment that provided all the resources for me to succeed. I worked side by side with true professionals in the industry. They took the time to teach me the best practices in the industry. They set up multiple learning sessions such as design thinking, consultant practices, introduction to their business model, and many more.
  • What was the most challenging part of your internship? How did yo overcome these obstacles?
    • It was challenging being assigned a task and having no idea what to do. To overcome this obstacle, you have to put your learning skills to the test. Self education is the best way to overcome this. Learn it on your own, troubleshoot it, and struggle. If you can not figure it out ask a full time employee. There are all kinds of help and education out there to overcome any obstacle.
  • Why was it beneficial for you to register for credit(s) through the Internship Program offered through the Career Center
    • It’s beneficial because the credits help cover requirements for graduation!
  • What advice would you give a student who is in the process of applying to an internship?
    • I would encourage students to invest the time crafting a flawless resume and cover letter. There are many resources around campus that can help with this. Including the Career Mentors at the Career Center. Sending out resumes with errors will result in no call backs… Once you get the internship, go in with a sponge mentality. Take in all the information they give you, and truly learn as much as you can. If they offer opportunities for certifications and extra resume boosters take them! (Magnet360 offered to pay for my Salesforce Administrator certification that currently has a negative unemployment percentage.) They truly want to see you succeed and come out with everything you wanted coming into it.
By Courtney O'Hotto
Courtney O'Hotto Graduate Assistant