#NDSUintern Advice

Nick Pruis
Major: Marketing
Graduation Date: May 2019
Company: Flint Group
Position: Marketing intern
Location: Fargo, ND


Why did you choose to work for Flint Group?

Flint Group is an established marketing firm that has been around for 70 years now. This meant that I would be able to work with employees with very different styles. Such as what you can learn from some one who’s been at the company for 15 years to someone who’s been there for a year. Giving me valuable exposure to different mindsets.

How did you find your internship?

I found this internship from a friend of mine.

How many internships did you apply to before you were hired?

Technically, I started at Flint as a part-time employee. Where they have given me the position of intern in the company now. So, I dint actually apply for the position it was offered.

Did you register for credits through the Career Center’s Internship Program? If so, why was it beneficial for you to register?

I did register the internship as credits. It was beneficial for me because it allowed me to be in a more comfortable spot when It came to the number of credits that I have.

Do you have any advice for students who haven’t had an internship yet or are in the process of applying to internships?

I would highly recommend applying for an internship. Just because having the real world experience of an internship can really open your eyes to what you are going to college for. The real world is a whole different ball game then college classes. The classes just prime you but you need that experience otherwise you’re just like every other student who just goes to college to get a degree. you need something to set you apart.

What is an average day like for you on the job?

– Sign in
– Get all of the publication together that came in the mail
– Check in publication that are utilized at Flint
– Check in publication that are utilized for competitive reports
– Flag advertisements in publication that are competitors to the Client
– Add information about flagged ad into Excel spread sheets
– End of each Quarter put together PowerPoint presentation that are presented to clients.

What is the most challenging part of your job? How do you overcome these obstacles?

Communication with employees and Clients. I ended up adjusting to their communication styles.

How has your internship shaped your ideas for your career? Has it changed your career path?

It has opened my eyes into the world of marketing analytics and hard numbers. Where I was originally extremely interested in the creative side of marketing. This has given me the tools to be able to work both sides of marketing.

Would you recommend having an internship?

Yes, internships really give you that first step into the real world and gives you a taste of what your career might look like. While still having professionals behind you helping you when you need it. It’s a great way also to allow yourself to stand out when you’re applying for jobs out of college.

For more information on the Career Center’s Internship Program and the benefits of registering for credits, see https://career.ndsu.edu/internship-program/.

By Emma Stupke
Emma Stupke Graduate Assistant