Hidden Gems: What Can I Do With This Major?

This month’s Hidden Gem is “What Can I Do With This Major?” –> For those exploring majors, exploring career paths that fit a major they enjoy, and so much more!


What Can I Do With This Major? is packed full of information about the different majors, details about the industries and careers that could potentially align with various degrees, and also provides some tips and suggestions for how a student can get started preparing themselves for specific careers.  Click here to check out some tips and suggestions when trying out this online resources!

If you have ever spent more than 12 seconds on our website, you have probably seen that we have a ton of content.  To help campus get a glimpse of some of our less well-known/utilized resources, we will provide a monthly blog highlighting one of our “Hidden Gems”!  Be on the lookout!

By Amanda Reil
Amanda Reil Senior Career Coach