Transfer Student Advising Contacts

The following advisors, faculty and administrators are here to help you with your transition to NDSU!

College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, and Economics Jennifer Carney 701-231-7442 Crop and Weed Sciences Kirk Howatt 701-231-7209 Horticulture Todd West 701-231-6476
Agricultural Education Adam Marx 701-231-7439 Equine Sciences Carrie Hammer 701-231-5682 Microbiology Thomas Gustad 701-231-8126
Agricultural Systems Management Julie Bietz 701-231-7273 Food Science Anuradha Vegi 701-231-6240 Precision Agriculture Julie Bietz 701-231-7273
Animal Science Marc Bauer 701-231-7691 General Agriculture David Buchanan 701-231-7426 Natural Resources Management/ Range Science/Soil Science Jack Norland 701-231-9428
Biotechnology Rebekah Oliver 701-231-8892   Veterinary Technology Stacey Ostby 701-231-7742

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Architecture/Landscape Architecture Stacy Jordet 701-231-8614 Emergency Management Jessica Jensen 701-231-5886 Political Science Nick Bauroth 701-231-6174
Art/Art Education Michael Strand 701-231-5813 English/English Education Linda Fricker 701-231-9763 Sociology/Anthropology Christina Weber 701-231-8928
Bachelor of University Studies Jessie Bauer 701-231-6313 French/Spanish/International Studies Gwen Stickney 701-231-8846 Theatre Arts Mark Engler 701-231-7706
Communication Samantha Archer History/Public History/History Education Linda Fricker Majors not listed in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Linda Fricker 701-231-9763
Criminal Justice Carol Archbold 701-231-5697 Music/Music Education Maggie Latterell 701-231-9442

College of Business (advised by last name)

Janet Sundquist 701-231-5497
G-M Taylor Pfarr 701-231-1808
N-Z  Tricia Tauer 701-231-5322

College of Engineering

Ag. & Biosystems Engineering/ Precision Agriculture/Ag. Systems Management Julie Bietz 701-231-7273 Construction Engineering/Construction Management Joel Hanson 701-231-9676 Pre-Mechanical Engineering Tanya Erickson 701-231-8671
Civil and Environmental Engineering Milka Singha 701-231-7244 Electrical and Computer Engineering Anne Campbell 701-231-7019 Pre-Mechanical (general)/Undecided Engineering Joel Hanson 701-231-9676
Computer Science Missy DeHaan 701-231-5799 Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Beth Dahl 701-231-9818

Exploratory/Undeclared Students

Career and Advising Center 701-231-7111
Josey Fog 701-231-5903

College of Health Professions

Nursing: Pre-Licensure BSN Track Amanda Groom 701-231-7601 Nursing: RN to BSN Track Holly Sandhurst 701-231-7395 Pharmacy and Bachelor of Health Services Kelly Haugen 701-231-7789
Nursing: LPN-BSN Track Karla Haug 701-231-5128 Nursing at Sanford Health Pre-Licensure BSN Track – Bismarck Tammy Heupel 701-224-3804 Radiologic Science/Respiratory Care/Medical Laboratory Science Angie Walswick 701-231-6656

College of Human Sciences and Education

Apparel, Retail Merchandising and Design; Hospitality and Tourism Management; Interior Design Dietetics; Exercise Science; Physical Education; Health Education; Sport Management Robert Dirk 701-231-9848 Human Development and Family Science; Elementary Education; Social Work;Family and Consumer Science Andrea Richard 701-231-9849 School of Education – Teacher Education Jeanette Hoffman 701-231-7127

College of Science and Mathematics

Biological Sciences (Botany, Biology, Zoology, including pre-med) Jill Lodde Greives 701-231-5093 Mathematics/Mathematics Education Friedrich Littman 701-231-8095   Psychology Cassie Gilbert 701-231-9728
Chemistry and Biochemistry/Chemistry Education John Hershberger 701-231-8225 Physics/Physics Education Sylvio May 701-231-8974 Statistics Andrea Hein 701-231-8662
Geology Stephanie Day 701-231-8837