Tools and Resources

As faculty and staff, students often turn to you for academic, life, and career advice.

The Career and Advising Center may not be able to help answer all of the student body’s burning questions but we can provide valuable insight when it comes to career related topics.

Career Exploration: Whether a student is contemplating switching their major or simply exploring their career field and what the future may hold, these can be rocky waters to navigate. Luckily the Career and Advising Center has resources, Career Coaches and Mentors to provide support and insight through this type of exploration.

Resume: From the basic construction of a resume to the nuances of tailoring the document to specific companies and industries the Career and Advising Center has you covered.

Cover Letter: 


Job Search: Where to look, when to begin, and how to search. Job search may be one of the more ambiguous topics that a student may inquire about. From job boards, to career fairs, LinkedIn, and other networking opportunities navigating these spaces can be a challenge for students.

Personal Statement:

Career Outcomes: