Pitch Perfect

At the Career and Advising Center, we heard from MANY students that the reason they didn’t attend Career Fairs is because they didn’t know what to say to employers or how to put together their elevator pitch.  Therefore, we came up with a solution and have started calling it “Pitch Perfect”!

This event is open to ALL NDSU students of every degree level hoping to get a chance to practice their introduction and pitch to employers prior to the Career Expos and other networking opportunities.  It is a low stakes opportunity for students to try out different introduction techniques and also to get to practice what they would like to say to employers about their skills and experiences.  Employers from a variety of industries and backgrounds volunteer their time to provide insight and suggestions for how students can perfect and polish their pitch before they approach employers in environments where they might be seeking jobs, internships, or other opportunities. The employers are not there to recruit, they are there just to help!

When is it happening next?

Date/Time:  February 5th, 2019 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Where: Meadow Lark Room, Upper Level of the Memorial Union

Who will be there:  You, and hopefully many of peers, friends, and fellow students!  Specific employers have not yet been finalized for this event, but more information will come out closer to the event to inform students which employers will be represented to provide their feedback and expertise at the event. 

Registration not required:  Registration is not required, but those registered ahead of time will be granted “fast track” admittance and won’t have to wait in line as long to see employers (we will be limiting the number of students in the space at one time).  Sign up ahead of time on CAREERLINK to make the most of the event.  “Pitch Perfect” will be under the “Events” tab on the homepage. 

Who attends?

Last year was the first attempt at this event and it was very successful.  Employers representing 15+ industries attended to provide this well-rounded feedback to the students!  Graduate and Undergraduate students were able to attend to provide a pitch to employers with backgrounds in research as well as other industry positions, so the event was very popular for students from all areas and educational levels.

Does it actually benefit the students?

It was unanimous feedback from students that they found the event helpful to get to practice their pitch and polish it in the weeks before the Career Expos.  Many of the students provided that feedback by way of survey and in person when they attended the Expo to say that their confidence had increased and that they felt far more comfortable approaching employers while at the event.  At the last event, we offered maps to the students so they were aware of which employers were stationed where, and we also let the students know what talking points the employer typically looks for in an elevator pitch (Example: covering educational background, year in school, explanation of interest in their field/career path)

Contact Amanda Reil at the NDSU Career and Advising Center with any questions or concerns at amanda.reil@ndsu.edu or 701-231-7167.