Multiple Mini Interviews

Through the multiple mini interview process, applicants will be given a question or prompt in which they must address with an individual or a panel during a timed circuit.   Typically, the candidates will rotate between rooms where they will have time to review the question or prompt before entering the room. Once inside, there will be a limited amount of time to respond.  Paper may be provided inside the room to assist the interviewee with organizing thoughts and possible responses. Once the time is up or the candidate is finished, they will then exit the room and wait to be ushered to the next room or will be given further instructions.

Multiple Mini interviews are commonly used in settings where there are many applicants vying for a limited number of slots.  In educational settings, this format is used for admittance into programs including: Nursing, Medical , Dental, and other schools.

Tips for navigating Multiple Mini Interviews:

  1. Outside of the interviewing room, thoroughly read through the prompt and begin considering ways to connect your response to your skills, abilities, education, and some of the specifics of the school or program.
  2. Introduce yourself in every interview room.  Stay standing and shake the interviewer(s) hand(s) prior to getting into your response.
  3. If paper is provided and you choose to make notes, do so following your introduction and inform the interviewer that you will be taking time to gather thoughts. Keep notes simple and to the point to ensure you make the best use of your time to avoid relying on notes and sounding scripted.
  4. REMINDER:  Use the STAR method to further connect your answer to yourself.  If you are able to provide specifics as they relate to you and your life, this is far more memorable for the interviewer(s) than a simple, blanket statement. Be sure to explain your “why” and reasoning behind why you answered the way that you did.
  5. Be as thorough as you can with your initial response, as some interviewers will not be allowed to ask follow up questions or seek further clarification.
  6. Every room is a fresh start.  If you feel that a response didn’t go well in one room, collect yourself and feel confident going into the next room as the next interviewer wasn’t in the last room.