LinkedIn job search tips

  1.  Access posted positions via the “Jobs” tab at the top of the page.  Search based on a job title, key word, or your major.
  2. When selecting positions, you can see how many people have already applied for that opening via LinkedIn.  You can also apply for jobs via this platform and using the content that is on your LinkedIn profile.
  3. See if you have any connections that are also associated with the employer whose position you are considering.  Leveraging connections can be very beneficial in the job search process.
  4. While considering a position, you can click into the employer’s LinkedIn page as well.  Begin following the company, learn of any articles they have written or community involvement they may recently have been a part of.  This will also allow you to see what other jobs they currently have posted or types of positions they may have recently been hiring for.
  5. Some employers will indicate who posted the positions along with the job description.  This can be very useful when considering who to address the cover letter to.
  6. Some employers will provide a list of skills and experience that they are seeking in an applicant.  The site demonstrates “How you match”, what skills you have in common based on your profile content, and may help you identify how to further develop your profile or skills prior to pursuing that area of employment.