Glassdoor job search tips

  1. Setting up a profile will allow you to see positions that you had most recently searched, positions that are recommended for you, and keeps a list of the jobs you recently viewed.
  2. Allows you to set up “Job Alerts”, save positions to come back to later, and also keeps a running list of positions you’ve recently applied for.
  3. “Interviews” feature lets you view questions that have been asked in interviews with the company.  Those that have been through the interview process submit questions they been asked during interviews and this can help you to prepare and know what to mention in your resume or interview.
  4. “Salaries” feature allows you to search a job title by location and see what the company is offering for salaries at those positions.  This can be helpful when considering salary negotiations or ensuring you’ll make a competitive wage.
  5. In addition to searching for positions within specific companies, you can also see the types of reviews that have been given about the company and the CEO of the company. You can see if the employees would recommend the work environment to a friend.