B.U.S Proposal

The proposal is a very important part of the Bachelor of University Studies Degree. You will work closely with an academic advisor when putting the proposal together. The goal of the proposal is to

  1.  Express your interest in the degree and why this degree fits your goals better than other majors on campus
  2. Review the courses you have completed and how they fit NDSU general education requirements and any emphasis you are working towards and
  3. Propose courses to finish your degree that will help you focus on areas of study that fit your interests and career goals.

Proposal Instructions

The following three parts are what needs to be included in your BUS proposal.

  1. Statement of Goals – The Statement of Goals is your chance to explain to the committee why you have chosen to complete the B.U.S degree, discuss your chosen areas of emphasis or minor(s), and connect it with your future goals. The Statement of Goals should be in Business Letter Format, 1-2 pages, single spaced and addressed to the B.U.S Program Committee. The following is a template for how to set up the Goals letter: Sample Goals Letter
  2. Listing of Education – The course listing spreadsheet is used to demonstrate to the Committee how your courses fit both your General Education requirements and emphasis area(s)/minor(s). The first tab will include your transfer or completed coursework and the second tab will include your proposed courses. Use this template to create your Course Listing: B.U.S Course Template
  3.  Cover Form – (Completed last with your academic advisor) The cover form includes totaling all of your prior credits, both transfer and NDSU with your currently enrolled and proposed credits. You will also need to include information about your upper division credits and G.P.A. Make sure to download the form and fill it out so you can save it.  Cover Form

Proposal Deadlines and Submission

Deadlines for degree proposal submission are October 1 for Spring/Summer graduation and February 1 for Fall graduation. Proposals are turned in to Jessie Bauer in the Career and Advising Center and are then presented to the BUS Review Committee for approval. The committee meets 2-3 times throughout the semester to review proposals. Proposals are reviewed based on the order of submission.

Approved Proposals

Once a student’s proposal is approved, it is considered the set curriculum required for graduation. Students must complete the courses they proposed.

Contact Jessie Bauer jessica.m.bauer@ndsu.edu when you are ready to put together your proposal.