Recruit at NDSU

The NDSU Career and Advising Center is the centralized career service for the university. We are committed to building valuable employer relationships by providing the following recruiting services to registered employers:

On-Campus Interviews

  • Determine the interview date(s)
    • Contact us at least 4 weeks prior to interview date(s) to allow for promotion to students
  • To schedule on-campus interviews, log-on to NDSU CAREERLINK. Click on OCI and Job Listings, which includes the following:
    • Register for OCI
    • Select OCI Round and Interview Preferences
  • Create a Job Posting.  The posting may be for a specific or generic opening in your organization
  • A confirmation letter will be sent as soon as all details are finalized
  • Monitor your interview schedule(s) throughout the process and adhere to timeline(s).

Interactive Videoconference Interviews are also available. These can minimize the expenses of travel and lodging and maximize your time.

Contact Employer Engagement Team: for additional assistance.

Employer Presentations

Employer Presentations are an informal introduction to your company that will allow recruiters to network with students and familiarize them with available positions. All sessions are scheduled by the Career and Advising Center.

A successful Employer Presentation includes the following:

  • An enthusiastic 20-minute presentation with Q&A afterwards
    • Verbal, video, DVD or PowerPoint presentations
  • Food and refreshments (always appreciated by students)
    • Pizza, sub sandwiches, cookies or sodas are some options

These sessions should be scheduled several weeks in advance in order to advertise to students and faculty. Employers are billed for the food and refreshments, and potentially space rental fee.

Contact Employer Engagement Team: for scheduling.

Participate in Career Fairs

The Career and Advising Center hosts several career fairs/career expos during fall and spring semesters. To receive an invitation to any of these recruiting events, be sure you are an approved employer in CAREERLINK, our career management tool.

Faculty Luncheons

Your company representatives may wish to arrange lunch on campus with faculty members in targeted majors.  NDSU faculty welcome direct contact with employers in business, industry, government and education.  Our office can help you schedule these luncheons to bring about a successful meeting. If you are interested in a particular academic program, we can provide you with the proper contact information for individual meetings as well.

In-Class Presentations

Some faculty will allow employers to speak briefly in their classrooms regarding opportunities. Our office can provide you with contact information.

Hosting/Presenting at Student Organization Meetings

NDSU has nearly 300 student organizations.  Connecting with student leaders in these organizations is a great way to enhance your visibility on-campus.

Student Organizations

Company Spotlight Day (during the day between 9am and 4pm)

  • Objective: An opportunity for students, specific companies/employers and faculty to engage with one another in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, on-campus, between classes
  • Dedicated space in a high-traffic and central area is provided
  • Showcase your company projects or products
  • Share your organizations culture, expectations, application process…
  • Improve your company brand’s visibility on campus
  • Distribute company flyers and giveaways
  • Communication to students encouraging them to visit your booth
  • This opportunity is offered at no cost to companies who participate in at least one of the university-sponsored career fairs during the academic year and have had a job posted on CAREERLINK.
  • Collecting resumes and/or conducting interviews is not allowed during a Company Spotlight Day.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Pat Breen at or at 701-231-8464.